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Speciated Mercury Emission Test Reports

The speciated mercury emissions test reports are being provided in Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) format for the convenience of those requesting copies. However, it should be noted that the reports should be considered to be "draft" as full review has not been completed. It is not anticipated that many changes, if any, will be made. Hard copies of the reports have also been placed in the docket (A-92-55).

NOTE: Scanning documents of this size creates very large PDF's that cannot be compressed. Because of this, it could take quite a bit of time to download. To aide in downloading speed, the emission test reports have been separated from their appendices. We do not suggest clicking on the link and allowing the file to open in your browser. We recommend right clicking on the link and choosing to "Save Target As" (Internet Explorer) or "Save Link As" (Netscape) and saving the file to your hard drive, and then open the file locally.

Facility Name Report Appendicies
AES Cayuga (formerly NYSEG Milliken) aescmilr (10.0 MB)
aescmila (15.5 MB)

AES Hawaii aeshawubr (1.4 MB)
aeshawuba (17.7 MB)

Antelope Valley Station bepcantr (1.8 MB)
bepcanta (14.3 MB)

Bailly Generating Station baill7_8r (2.0 MB)
baill7_8a (28.1 MB)

Bay Front Generating Plant bayfrontr (1.5 MB)
bayfronta (8.3 MB)

Big Bend Station tecbbr (2.6 MB)
tecbba (21.2 MB)

Big Brown Steam Electric Station bigbrownr (2.1 MB)
bigbrowna (15.5 MB)

Brayton Point Generating Station pgebr1_3r (2.7 MB)
pgebr1_3a (32.3 MB)

Bruce Mansfield Power Plant brucemar (1.0 MB)
brucemaa (8.5 MB)

Charles R. Lowman Plant lowmanu2r (2.8 MB)
lowmanu2a (20.9 MB)

Cholla Power Plant chol2_3r (4.8 MB)
chol2_3a (34.7 MB)

Clay Boswell Energy Center cboswellr (10.9 MB)
cboswella (61.8 MB)

Cliffside Steam Station cliffsidr (1.5 MB)
cliffsida (8.3 MB)

Clifty Creek Station cliftyr (2.2 MB)
cliftya (19.3 MB)

Clover Power Station clover1r (2.7 MB)
clover1a (12.5 MB)

Coal Creek Station coalcru2r (3.6 MB)
coalcru2a (1.8 MB)

Colstrip colstrpr (2.0 MB)
colstrpa (19.1 MB)

Columbia Energy Center columbiar (1.0 MB)
columbiaa (3.7 MB)

Comanche Station comanchr (5.9 MB)
comancha (16.5 MB)

Coronado coronadr (1.4 MB)
coronada (9.6 MB)

Coyote Station coyoteu1r (3.6 MB)
coyoteu1a (11.6 MB)

Craig Station craig1_3r (5.4 MB)
craig1_3a (32.4 MB)

Duck Creek Station duckcrer (5.6 MB)
duckcrea (11.3 MB)

Dunkirk PowerLLC dunkirk2r (1.6 MB)
dunkirk2a (9.2 MB)

Cogentrix of Rocky Mount rocky2br (2.9 MB)
rocky2ba (24.0 MB)

Gaston Plant E.C. gastonu1r (4.0 MB)
gastonu1a (45.2 MB)

George Neal South gneals4r (6.2 MB)
gneals4a (14.5 MB)

Gibson Generating Station gibsonor (3.4 MB)
gibsonretestr (3.8 MB)
gibsonoa (21.3 MB)
gibsonretesta (27.1 MB)

GRDA grandrdar (1.9 MB)
grandrdaa (8.2 MB)

Intermountain Power Project Generating Station int2sgar (3.1 MB)
int2sgaa (24.7 MB)

Jack Watson Plant jackwatsr (2.8 MB)
jackwatsa (34.5 MB)

Jim Bridger Plant bridgerr (1.1 MB)
bridgera (18.1 MB)

Kline Township Cogeneration Plant klingenr (1.0 MB)
klingena (14.6 MB)

La Cygne Generating Station lacygne1r (1.1 MB)
lacynge1a (8.5 MB)

Laramie River Station laramie3r (1.5 MB)
laramie1r (1.4 MB)
laramie3a (16.5 MB)
laramie1a (17.8 MB)

Lawrence Energy Center lawrenur (2.5 MB)
lawrenua (15.8 MB)

Leland Olds Station bepclel2r (0.8 MB)
bepclel2a (6.5 MB)

Lewis & Clark Station lewclarkr (1.7 MB)
lewclarka (11.1 MB)

Limestone Electric Generating Station rehilim1r (3.2 MB)
rehilim1a (25.8 MB)

Logan Generating Station pgelog1r (5.1 MB)
pgelog1a (30.1 MB)

Mecklenburg Cogeneration Facility meckgen1r (1.5 MB)
meckgen1a (10.7 MB)

Meramec meramecr (2.8 MB)
merameca (15.1 MB)

Milton R. Young Station youn1_2r (4.0 MB)
youn1_2a (12.8 MB)

Monticello montu1r (3.8 MB)
montu3r (3.6 MB)
montu1a (24.3 MB)
montu3a (30.0 MB)

Montrose Generating Station montroser (1.2 MB)
montrosea (7.7 MB)

Navajo navajo3r (1.3 MB)
navajo3a (5.0 MB)

Nelson Dewey Generating Station neldeweyr (1.6 MB)
neldeweya (19.0 MB)

Newton amcipsu2r (1.8 MB)
amcipsu2a (4.0 MB)

Sherburne County Generating Plant sherburnr (2.2 MB)
sherburna (33.8 MB)

Paradise Fossil Plant pfpdoeu1r (6.7 MB)
pfpdoeu1a (6.4 MB)

Platte Generating Station giplattr (0.8 MB)
giplatta (4.7 MB)

Polk Power Station tecpolkr (1.1 MB)
tecpolka (9.3 MB)

Port Washington Power Plant portwashr (1.9 MB)
portwasha (9.9 MB)

Presque Isle Power Plant pre146r (5.7 MB)
presq59r (6.5 MB)
pre146a (15.9 MB)
presq59a (24.6 MB)

D. R. Morrow Sr. Generating Station morrow2r (1.3 MB)
morrow2a (29.3 MB)

R.M. Heskett Station mdhesk2r (0.8 MB)
mdhesk2a (3.0 MB)

Rawhide Energy Station rawhider (1.9 MB)
rawhidea ( 93.5 MB)

Salem Harbor Generating Station pgesalemr (4.8 MB)
pgesalema (29.8 MB)

Sam K. Seymour lcrassu3r (2.0 MB)
lcrassu3a (14.2 MB)

San Juan sanjuanr (2.8 MB)
sanjuana (42.5 MB)

Scrubgrass Generating Station scrubgrar (6.9 MB)
scrubgraa (54.4 MB)

Southern Energy Birchwood Power Facility birchw1r (2.7 MB)
birchw1a (14.7 MB)

Shawnee Fossil Plant shawnwinr (1.3 MB)
shawnwina (8.8 MB)

St. Clair Power Plant stclair4r (2.8 MB)
stclair4a (13.6 MB)

Stanton Station stanto10r (3.2 MB)
stanton1r (3.2 MB)
stanto10a (3.5 MB)
stanton1a (2.3 MB)

Stockton Cogen Plant stocgen1r (1.5 MB)
stocgen1a (11.7 MB)

TNP-One Power Plant tnpone2r (2.2 MB)
tnpone2a (17.9 MB)

Valley Power Plant wevalleyr (1.8 MB)
wevalleya (8.6 MB)

Valmont Station pscovalr (3.3 MB)
pscovala (1.1 MB)

H. W. Sammis Power Plant sammisr (2.0 MB)
sammisa (15.8 MB)

Wabash River Repowering Project wabash1r (1.0 MB)
wabash1a (6.0 MB)

Widows Creek Fossil Plant widowr (3.2 MB)
widowa (19.5 MB)

Wyodak Power Plant wyodbw91r (1.1 MB)
wyodbw91a (12.8 MB)

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