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Technology Transfer Network - Air Toxics Web Site

Program Contacts

Area Source Program Implementation Wanda Pemberton
Air Toxics Training  
Air Toxics Regulations Wanda Pemberton
Atmospheric Deposition to Great Lakes and Coastal Waters TBD
Community-Scale Air Toxics Ambient Monitoring (CSATAM)  
Residual Risk Emission Inventories Anne Pope
Equivalent Emission Limitation by Permit TBD
National-Scale Air Toxics Assessment (NATA) Ted Palma
National Air Toxics Trends Station (NATTS) Network  
Schedule for Standards and Review Wanda Pemberton
Standards to Protect Health and the Environment
-Risk assessment contact for Section 112(f)
-Residual Risk Report to Congress
Deirdre Murphy
Modifications, Construction and Reconstruction TBD
Equivalent Emission Limitation by Permit TBD
Urban Air Toxics Strategy  
State Programs Related to Air Toxics Regulations  
Other provisions/mercury study Chuck French
Periodic Reports Wanda Pemberton

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