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Phase 3 Report: Table of Contents 

Book 1 Book 2 Book 3 Book 4  Book 5 Book 6

Navigation through the entire Feasibility Study should be possible by selecting Book 1 and using the bookmarks in Acrobat reader.  Direct links to specific appendices and plates have also be provided.

Book 1

Table of Contents and Report Text  (2835KB)

Book 2

List of Tables and Figures (1138KB)
Chapter 1 Figures (207KB)
Chapter 3 Figures Part 1 (1612KB)
Chapter 3 Figures Part2 (3027KB)
Chapter 3 Figures Part 3 (2307KB)
Chapter 5 Figures (92KB)
Chapter 6 Figures (2315KB)
Chapter 7 Figures  (820KB )

Book 3
List of Plates and Plates 1, 4 & 9 (1986KB )
Plate 2 (1454KB)
Plate 3 (1915KB)
Plate 5 (1527KB)
Plate 6 (1601KB)
Plate 7 (1552KB)
Plate 8 (1619KB)
Plate 10 (1454KB)
Plate 11 (1846KB)
Plate 12 (2206KB)
Plate 13 (1035KB)
Plate 14 (1058KB)
Plate 15 (650KB)
Plate 16 (1595KB)
Plate 17 (1034KB)
Plate 18 (1155KB)

Book 4
Appendix A - Appendix C (507KB)
Plate A-1 (1433KB)
Plate A-2 & A-3 (1589KB)
Plate A-4 (1493KB)
Plate A-5 (1523KB)
Plate A-6 (1490KB)
Plate A-7 (1472KB)
Plate A-8 (1007KB)
Plate A-9 (1470KB)
Plate A-10 & A-11 (1590KB)

 Book 5

Appendix D (1043KB)
Appendix D RE-1 - RE-70 (1430KB)
Appendix D RE-71 - RE-136 (812KB)
Appendix E (309KB)
Appendix F (54KB)
Appendix G (2428KB)
Appendix H (1206KB)

Book 6
Appendix I (1157KB)

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