The Analysis Engine allows users to examine data sets visually.  It was initially developed so that environmental modelers could better evaluate their output data, but the Analysis Engine can be used to investigate many types of data sets with different formatting specifications.  The tool may be used for sensitivity and uncertainty analyses, model evaluations, emissions modeling quality assurance, and general data analyses.  Several statistical tools are conveniently incorporated into the Analysis Engine to assist evaluations.  The tool also allows users to examine tabular model results to determine the influence of certain variables, and one of the primary reasons for its creation was to understand the error propagation produced by parameter uncertainties.   However, the tools are applicable to many other data set types and analyses.

The Analysis Engine imports ASCII data files and displays them initially as tables.  Click the mouse to view other tables that have been imported or analyses that have been performed.

Screenshot of the Basic Display

After importing the data sets, you may examine the statistics associated with them by:

Key Features

Advantages over Commercial Off-the-Shelf Products

This Analysis Engine can currently import twelve different file types.  Future feature requests may be submitted at the SourceForge website.

This manual is organized into five sections: