Sort Columns Function


The Sort Columns function arranges the data rows in ascending or descending order based on your column selection.  When you select the Sort Columns (Sort Columns button) toolbar button in the Data Table Window, the Sort Columns window appears:  

Sort Columns screen shot

Initially only the Sort By group box is shown, but the Then Sort By group box is placed on the screen if you click the Add button.  The Then Sort By group box can be removed by clicking the Clear button.

Select the column that should be sorted from the pull down menu.  By default, the columns are sorted in descending order. Check the Ascending? check box to reverse the order and show the lowest values at the top of the list.  Check the Case Sensitive? check box to rank capital letters before lower-case letters in an ascending list.

Click OK to sort the rows in the table according to the specified columns, save the action, and close the Sort Columns window.

Click  Cancel to close the Sort Columns window without making any changes.  

Click the Reset  (Reset button) toolbar button on the Data Table Window to return the rows to their original order.