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Implementation Information for the Surface Coating MACTs - Common files

NOTICE:    This page provides links to specific 10 yr surface coating rules.
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Implementation Update

Date Title File
6/1/05 10yr Surface Coating Rules - An Update on Implementation Efforts {FINAL UPDATE}


Rule and Implementation Page Links

Descriptions of each rule are in abbreviated form. See final rule for complete applicability requirements.

Auto & Light Duty Truck - Subpart IIII establishes emission standards for facilities which surface coat new automobile or new light-duty truck bodies or body parts.

Fabric, Printing, Coating & Dyeing - Subpart OOOO establishes emission standards for new and existing fabric and other textile coating, printing, slashing, dyeing, and finishing operations.

Large Appliances - Subpart NNNN establishes emission standards for new and existing large appliance surface coating of large appliance part or products including heating and air conditioning units and parts, chillers, household refrigerators and home and farm freezers, household laundry equipment, household cooking equipment, dishwashers, floor waxers and polishers, garbage disposal units, trash compactors, and water heaters.

Metal Can - Subpart KKKK establishes emission standards for new and existing metal can surface coating operations including surface coating of metal cans and ends (including decorative tins) and metal crowns and closures.

Metal Coil - Subpart SSSS establishes emission standards for new and existing metal coil surface coating operations.

Metal Furniture - Subpart RRRR establishes emission standards for new and existing metal furniture coating operations including Metal furniture components that are constructed either entirely or partially from metal including household, office, institutional, laboratory, hospital, public building, restaurant, barber and beauty shop, and dental furniture; office and store fixtures; partitions; shelving; lockers; lamps and lighting fixtures; and wastebaskets.

Misc. Metal Parts - Subpart MMMM establishes emission standards for surface coating of new and existing miscellaneous metal parts and products and includes metal components for motor vehicle parts and accessories, bicycles and sporting goods, recreational vehicles, extruded aluminum structural components, railroad cars, heavy duty trucks, medical equipment, lawn and garden equipment, electronic equipment, magnet wire, steel drums, industrial machinery, metal pipes, and numerous other industrial, household, and consumer products.

Paper & Other Web - Subpart JJJJ establishes emission standards for new and existing paper and other web coating operations and includes web coating lines engaged in the coating of metal webs that are used in flexible packaging, and web coating lines engaged in the coating of fabric substrates for use in pressure sensitive tape and abrasive materials.

Plastic Parts - Subpart PPPP establishes emission standards for new and existing plastic parts and products surface coating operations and includes surface coating of motor vehicle parts and accessories for automobiles, trucks, recreational vehicles; sporting and recreational goods; toys; business machines; laboratory and medical equipment; and household and other consumer products.

Wood Building Products - Subpart QQQQ establishes emission standards for new and existing wood building surface coating operations and includes application of coatings using roll coaters or curtain coaters in the finishing or laminating of any wood building product that contains more than 50 percent by weight wood or wood fiber excluding the weight of any glass components, and is used in the construction, either interior or exterior, of a residential, commercial, or institutional building.

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