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Hudson River PCBs Superfund Site

Phase 1 Intermediate Design Report Hudson River PCBs Superfund Site
(August 22, 2005)

Table of Contents

Report [PDF 12 MB, 370 pages]
Attachments [PDF 47 MB, 606 pages]
Design Specifications [PDF 535 KB, 168 pages]

Section Executive Summary

Section 1. Introduction

Section 2. General Basis of Design

Section 3. Phase 1 Design Analysis

Section 4. Phase 1 Scope of Work and Schedule

Section 5. Monitoring During Phase 1 of Remedial Action

Section 6. Permit Equivalency

Section 7. References

Section 8. Acronyms

A Phase 1 Intermediate Design Remedial Action Monitoring Plan Scope [PDF 880 KB, 79 pages]

B Phase 1 Intermediate Design Remedial Action Community Health and Safety Program Scope [PDF 102 KB, 21 pages]

C Phase 1 Intermediate Design Performance Standards Compliance Plan Scope [PDF 202 KB, 55 pages]

D Determination of Depth of Contamination [PDF 9 MB, 46 pages]

E Dredge Resuspension Modeling [PDF 29 MB,166 pages]

F Design Analysis: Unloading and Waterfront Facilities [PDF 255 KB, 15 pages]

G Design Analysis: Processing Facilities [PDF 5 MB, 156 pages]

H Design Analysis: Backfilling/Capping [PDF 2 MB, 55 pages]

I Ice Evaluation [PDF 296 KB, 12 pages]

Section 02000s: Site Construction

Section 03000s: Concrete

Intermediate Design Report Fact Sheet (September 2005 )

View PDF [230 KB, 50 pages]

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