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Phase 1 Intermediate Design Report Hudson River PCBs Superfund Site Treatability Studies Report

Table of Contents

Report [PDF 429 KB, 40 pages]

Section 1. Introduction and Objectives

Section 2. Treatability Studies Planning and Contractors

Section 3. Sample Collection and Slurry Preparation

Section 4.
Treatability Studies Implementation

Section 5. References

Section 6. Acronyms and Units of Measurement

A Treatability Studies Corrective Action Memoranda [PDF 5 MB , 179 pages]

B Analytical Data Tables [PDF 445 KB, 11 pages]

C Waste Stream Field Logs [PDF 1.45 MB, 486 pages]


E Geotechnical Lab Reports [PDF 25 MB, 530 pages]

F Data Validation Reports [PDF 128 MB, 875 pages]

Intermediate Design Report Fact Sheet (September 2005 )


View PDF [230 KB, 50 pages]


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