Show Largest N Rows Function


The Show Largest N Rows function instructs the program to display only the rows with the highest values within a certain filtered set.  Select the Show Largest N Rows  (Show Largest N Rows button) toolbar button in the Data Table Window to present the Show Largest rows window:  

Show Largest Rows screen shot

You may directly type the data column in the Data Column field or click on Select to choose the column.  Do not select more than a single column for the Show Largest N Rows interface.

You may select the number of rows OR the percentage of rows to include in the selection:

  1. Click the Show largest Rows  radio button to set the number of rows.  Then, type the desired value in the Number of rows field.  OR

  2. Click the Show largest Percent radio button to set the percentage of the total number of rows that should be shown.  Then type the desired value in the Percentage of rows field.

Click OK to show the specified subset of the highest values on the Data Table Window.  Clicking  OK also saves the action and closes the Show Largest rows window.

Click Cancel to close the Show Largest rows window without making any changes.  

Click the Reset  (Reset button) toolbar button on the Data Table Window to return the display to show all of the rows.