Choosing Plot Parameters


The Analysis Engine can create plots of the information in the data tables. When the Plot (Plot button image) toolbar button is clicked, the Select Plotting Options window appears.  Click OK when all of the appropriate values have been selected from the Select Plotting Options window.  The specific plot type interface then appears:

Screenshot of plotting options interface

The File menu allows you to Load and Save Configurations for plots.  By saving and reusing plot configurations, you may save considerable effort.

The DataSets group box at the top of the MIMS Analysis Engine Discrete Category Plot window describes the parameter columns that must be set to create a plot.  Click on the Set button in order to choose which data columns to plot.  The list of the potential data columns is set through the previous Selecting Plotting Options window.

Specify the table entries in the Discrete Category Plot Options group box to create a graph that illustrates the data well.  The options (table entries such as Plot Title) differ based on the different plot types, and each option has several plot properties (specifications) that may be set when the you click on the Edit button and open a window associated with the plot option.  The Plot Properties Glossary describes these specifications in detail:

Plot Option Table Entry

Plot Type

Plot Properties (Specifications) Set by Edit Button



Transpose Data?, Stacking, Bar colors, Orientation, Bar Widths, Space between bars, Space between categories, Border Color, and Fill Patterns



Draw Plot Border, Draw Figure Border, Draw Page Border?, Line styles, color, and widths

Box & Whiskers


Orientation, Fixed Width?, Reverse Order?, Outline Color, Notches, Line Width, Box Colors, and Custom Box Settings

Category Axis

Bar, Box, Discrete Category

Draw Axis?, Color, Text, Positioning Method and Axis Position, Tick Marks



Bar Shading (solid/shaded, shading angle and density) , Bar Color, Border Color, Line Style, Bar Labeling, X value ranges, Break Points between Bins, Closure (left or right), and Include Boundary Values in first/last bin


Scatter, Bar, Box, Time Series, Discrete Category, Rank Order

Enable Legend?, Legend Orientation, Background Color, Number of Columns, Legend Position, Character Size and Spacing

Line Type

Scatter, Time Series, Discrete Category, Rank Order