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Air Emissions Factors and Quantification

AP 42, Fifth Edition, Volume I
Chapter 4: Evaporation Loss Sources

  Chapter 4: Frequent Questions
4.0 Introduction to Evaporation Loss Sources
4.1 Dry Cleaning
4.2 Introduction to Surface Coating
4.2.1 Nonindustrial Surface Coating
4.2.2 Introduction to Industrial Surface Coating General Industrial Surface Coating Can Coating Magnet Wire Coating Other Metal Coating Flat Wood Interior Panel Coating Paper Coating Polymeric Coating of Supporting Substrates Automobile & Light Duty Truck Surface Coating Pressure Sensitive Tape and Labels Metal Coil Surface Coating Large Appliance Surface Coating Metal Furniture Surface Coating Magnetic Tape Manufacturing Surface Coating of Plastic Parts for Business Machines
4.3 Waste Water Collection, Treatment and Storage
  • Final Section - February 1998 (PDF 410K)
    The Measurement Policy Group recommends the use of the WATER9 software program. The SIMS program, referred to in Section 4.3, was removed from the CHIEF web site in August 2000.
4.4 Polyester Resin Plastic Products Fabrication
4.5 Asphalt Paving Operations
4.6 Solvent Degreasing
4.7 Waste Solvent Reclamation
4.8 Tank and Drum Cleaning
4.9 Introduction to Graphic Arts
4.9.1 General Graphical Printing
4.9.2 Publication Gravure Printing
4.10 Commercial/Consumer Solvent Use
4.11 Textile Fabric Printing
4.12 Manufacture of Rubber Products

AP 42 Emissions Factors by Chapter

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