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Fascinating Roach Facts

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Lazy Roach
Skip to content Keep Them Out! Check things like boxes and bags for roaches before brining them into the house! because they could be getting a free ride into your home. Get rid of stacks of newspaper, paper bags, and carboard boxes! because these make good hiding places for roaches. Show your parents cracks or openings around baseboards and behind kitchen and bathroom counters! because roaches can come in through very small openings. Help your parents look for spaces under doors and around pipes or vents! because these openings are welcome signs to roaches These links on the blackboard aren't live, they are part of javascript.

Roaches spend most of their lives hiding. They love cracks and can squeeze in just about anywhere. Young roaches can fit into a space as thin as a dime. An adult male needs a crack about the thickness of a quarter. Female roaches carrying eggs need more room - a space as tall as 2 stacked nickels.

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