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Fascinating Roach Facts

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Lazy Roach
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  • Roaches have blood that is almost white, and can breathe through their sides.
  • Roaches have been on our planet since before the dinosaurs. That's hundreds of millions of years!
  • What!?!  Roaches can swim?  That's right.  A roach can hold its breath for 40 minutes too!
  • Most roaches live in tropical places like rain forests. Even though there are several thousand different kinds, only about 5 are commonly found in people's homes.
Fill in the blank with the number that correctly completes the sentence.

Hint:  Use each number one time.


  1. A roach can run miles per hour.
  2. There are about kinds of roaches
  3. Roaches have legs.
  4. Roaches can hold their breath for minutes.
  5. Roaches have been around for million years


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