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Hudson River PCBs Superfund Site

Independent Experts Selected to Review Hudson River Cleanup Standards

Eastern Research Group Inc., (ERG) assembled a panel of nine senior scientists and engineers to independently peer review the Hudson River engineering performance standards. ERG contacted more than 100 candidates to inquire about their interest, availability, and qualifications. The candidates included nominations that the public submitted to EPA (and that EPA forwarded to ERG without identifying who nominated them), and experts that ERG identified. After carefully reviewing the information that the candidates provided, ERG selected nine peer reviewers that met the selection criteria . ERG believes these peer reviewers have broad experience and expertise in the subject matter under review and are able to provide a fair, balanced, independent, and scientifically rigorous peer review of EPA's engineering performance standards for the Hudson River PCBs site.

The members of the panel:

  • Dag Broman, Professor and Director of the Institute of Applied Environmental Research, Stockholm University
  • William Creal, Environmental Manager, Water Division, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
  • Richard G. Fox, Senior Scientist, Natural Resources Technology, Inc.
  • Thomas F. Kenny, Senior Consultant, W.F. Baird and Associates
  • Victor Magar, Senior Research Scientist, Battelle Memorial Institute
  • Nancy Musgrove, President, Management of Environmental Resources, Inc.
  • Ken Reimer, Professor, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Department, Director, Environmental Sciences Group, The Royal Military College of Canada
  • Tim Thompson, Senior Environmental Scientist, The RETEC Group
  • John R. Verduin, III, Partner, Anchor Environmental, L.L.C.

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