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Engineering Performance Standards Fact Sheets

Engineering Performance Standards (EPS) Information



A series of four fact sheets have been developed to assist the public in the review of the draft engineering performance standards – a general overview fact sheet, and one fact sheet for each of the three engineering performance standards:

Free PDF reader available General Overview
The objectives and intended use of engineering performance standards, the process for developing engineering performance standards and the public’s role in that process are described in: this document.

Free PDF reader available Dredging Resuspension
The resuspension standard is designed to protect water intakes down river of dredging operations and to limit the down river transport of PCB-contaminated dredged material. This will promote the recovery of the river ecosystem after dredging.

Free PDF reader available Dredging Residuals
The performance standard for dredging residuals will be used to measure whether the objectives for residual PCB concentrations established in the ROD have been achieved. Sediment samples will be collected and analyzed for PCBs after dredging is completed in a given area. The results will then be compared with cleanup goals and other criteria. If PCB contamination is found at unacceptable levels, appropriate action, such as capping or redredging, will be required.

Free PDF reader available Dredging Productivity
The dredging productivity standard is designed to maintain the pace of removing an estimated 2.65 million cubic yards of sediment to meet the six-year schedule for completing the dredging operation. It defines the amount of sediment to be dredged by the end of each project phase and dredging season. The standard also specifies minimum and target amounts of sediment to be removed, and requires the monitoring of monthly sediment removal goals.

Free PDF reader available Summary of Changes from May 2003 EPS -Public Review Copy
The Draft Engineering Performance Standards - Public Review Copy document was revised based on public comment and became what is referred to as the Draft Engineering Performance Standards - Peer Review Copy document. In October 2003 EPA submitted the Draft Engineering Performance Standards – Peer Review Copy document for peer review. It contains the draft engineering performance standards that are being peer reviewed by a panel of independent experts. A summary of the changes from the May 2003 Public Review Copy document can be found in the above fact sheet.

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