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Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program

Applicability Tool (version with current GWPs)

Does your facility have any of the source categories listed below?

Instructions. In the list below, select each source category located at your facility by clicking the checkbox. For a definition of the source category, click on the name of the source category or use the glossary of terms link at the bottom of the page.

Note. The reporting rule applies at the facility level and not the corporate level. As a result, an owner or operator must assess applicability separately for each facility in the United States. The tool will use information that you enter to assess applicability, but the information is not stored. Therefore, users are advised to enter facility information below. Information provided will appear on your results page for you to print/save for your records.

General Information (Optional. See note above.)

Source Category/Segment Selection List (Select all that apply.)

Caution: Do not use the browser's Back button when running an applicability assessment with this tool. Doing so will risk arriving at an incorrect assessment.

Does your facility also have stationary fuel combustion? Yes No

Do your facility operations also involve miscellaneous uses of carbonate? Yes No

Important Consideration. The miscellaneous uses of carbonates source category includes facilities only if they consume at least 2,000 tons per year of carbonates heated to a temperature sufficient to allow the calcination reaction to occur.

This source category does not include equipment that uses carbonates or carbonate containing minerals that are consumed in the production of cement, glass, ferroalloys, iron and steel, lead, lime, phosphoric acid, pulp and paper, soda ash, sodium hydroxide, or zinc.

Do you still want to select miscellaneous uses of carbonates as a source category?

Yes No

Important Consideration. For facilities that contain only stationary fuel combustion sources and miscellaneous uses of carbonates, emissions from the miscellaneous use of carbonates are not considered for determining applicability or reporting.


Important Consideration. The electricity generation source category comprises electricity generating units that are subject to the requirements of the Acid Rain Program and any other electricity generating units that are required