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Miscellaneous Metal Parts And Products Archive

Important Notice: The Rule and Implementation webpage for the Miscellaneous Metal Parts and Products surface coating NESHAP is now available on the air toxics website. This webpage will provide regulatory, technical and implementation information for the proposed and final rule.





Overview of MACT Process 10/97
Definition and Purpose of Subgroups
Full Survey Mailing List 11/98
Archive of the Full Survey Forms, Instructions and Notices (PKZip File) 5/99


Meeting Minutes and Materials

Staleholder Meetings
April '97 Workshop, Breakout Summary 4/9/97
First Stakeholder Meeting Summary 6/18/97
First Stakeholder Meeting Handouts 6/18/97
Second Stakeholder's Meeting Summary (Joint Meeting with Surface Coating of Plastic Parts and Products Project Team) 8/13/97
Meetings with Industry Groups and Trade Associations
Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA) Meeting Summary 5/7/97
Magnet Wire Meeting Summary 5/16/97
Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) Meeting Summary 5/27/97
Meetings with Subgroups
First Regulatory Subgroup Meeting Summary 5/20/97
Subgroup Meeting Summaries - Part 1 8/6/97
Subgroup Meeting Summaries - Part 2 8/7/97
Second Regulatory Subgroup Meeting 8/11/97


Documents for Review

May 10, 2002 Applicability Update on MMMP
April 16, 2002 Annoucement for Stakeholders  
April 9, 2002 Presentation for Stakeholders
February 28, 2002 Annoucement for Stakeholders on status  


Preliminary Industry Characterization

Preliminary Industry Characterization (PIC) 11/98
Attachment 1--Summaries of the MMPP Stakeholder Meetings (see "Meeting Minutes and Materials" above) 11/98
Attachment 2--Existing State and Federal Regulations 11/98
Attachment 3--Detailed List of SIC Codes for Miscellaneous Metal Parts and Products 11/98
Attachment 4--Cross-Reference of SICs with SCCs for Facilities Identified in AIRS 11/98
Attachment 5--Summary of Control Devices Indicated in AIRS By SCC and Pollutant 11/98


Other Coatings Rule Information

Paint Stripping Information 3/27/02  

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