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 Message for Adults

This Web site is designed to broadly educate students about acid rain, including:

  • Its definition.

  • Its cause.

  • The various effects that it has on humans, the environment, and buildings and objects.

  • What is being done to reduce its occurrence.

In addition, it offers students several ways that they too can help reduce acid rain, including asking their parents to modify some of their routines. The site achieves this through informational text, and then reinforces it through several interactive and fun games and activities.

Acid rain is a problem that affects us all—whether it is damaging your car, defacing historic statues, harming trees in a once-beautiful mountainous forest, or destroying the fish population in a lake. Acid rain can even affect our health by causing respiratory problems, or can make these problems worse. The message to spread, however, is that we can all make a difference and help reduce the presence of acid rain. This Web site will provide students with interesting information about acid rain, and that this information will eventually foster the knowledge and determination that is necessary to bring about change and improvement to the natural environment that we all share.

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