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Table 6-11. Species Not Detected Using Sample Concentration on TENAX


Species:                Boiling Point:     Water Solubility:

Acetone#                BP= 56.2 deg C       miscible

Acetonitrile#           BP= 81.6 deg C       miscible

Acrolein#               BP= 52.5 deg C       40:100

Bromomethane+           BP= 3.6 deg C        0.09:100

1,3-Butadiene+          BP= -4.5 deg C       insoluble

1,2-Butylene Oxide*     BP= 63 deg C         unknown

t-Butyl Methyl Ether*   BP= 53 deg C         slightly soluble

Carbon Disulfide+       BP= 46.5 deg C       0.22:100

Carbonyl Sulfide+       BP= -50.2 deg C      100cc:100ml (gas)

Chloromethane+          BP= -24.22 deg C     400cc:100ml (gas)

Ethyl Chloride+         BP= 12.3 deg C       0.57:100

Ethylene Oxide+         BP= 10.7 deg C       -

Methanol#               BP= 64.7 deg C       miscible

Methyl Iodide#          BP= 42.5 deg C       1.4:100

Methylene Chloride+     BP= 39.8 deg C       2:100

Propylene Oxide#        BP= 34.2 deg C       65:100

Vinyl Bromide+          BP= 15.8 deg C       insoluble

Vinyl Chloride+         BP= 13.9 deg C       slightly soluble


Reason for Non-Detection:

+ = low boiling point (<50 deg C)

# = high water solubility

* = unknown reason

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