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Emission Measurement Center Spectral Database

Software Tools and Viewers

Format Conversion

All spectra in the database are stored in SpectraCalc/LabCalc or GRAMS format. For those who require ASCII data a file conversion program (CONVERT) is available.

Viewer for Spectra

A MS Windows compatible viewer, ShowSPC, for the spectra files is now available. Information on obtaining and installing the viewer can be found here.

Deresolution Program

A program for the spectral degradation of absorbance reference spectra (DERESOLVE) is available.

Fourier Processing Program

A program for the conversion of interferograms to single beam spectra (FTPROC) is available. Note this program is primarily intended for Fourier processing of interferogams made availble on this CDROM. Application to the processing of other interferograms can result in incorrect spectra.

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