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Emissions from Street Vendor Cooking Devices (Charcoal Grilling); EPA-600/R-99-048


Dr. Paul Lemieux
Air Pollution Technology Branch, Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division
National Risk Management Research Laboratory
Mail Code E 305-01
U.S. EPA RTP, NC 27711
Telephone: (919) 541-0962
FAX: (919) 541-0554

E-Mail: lemieux.paul@epamail.epa.gov


This report discusses a joint U.S./Mexico program that established a reliable emissions inventory for street vendor cooking devices (charcoal grilling). Emissions from these devices arise when meat is cooked on a grill over a charcoal fire. These devices are prevalent in the streets of Mexicali, Mexico and they were investigated experimentally by measuring levels of:

The test grill simulated the street vendor cooking devices in Mexicali. To investigate the emission rate, both beef and chicken were tested. Furthermore, both meats were marinated with a mixture similar to that used by the street vendors. Difficulties in obtaining enough Mexicali charcoal necessitated using a local charcoal for some of the tests. Both types of charcoal were compared to ensure similar physical and chemical properties. Some tests were conducted with non-marinated beef for comparison. Two blank runs were performed sampling charcoal fires without meat. Finally, a simple control device was evaluated for its effectiveness in reducing emissions. All emissions measured during the runs, except sulfur dioxide, appeared to be reasonable.

A project report is available in English and in Spanish.


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