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2010 Conference

Colorado Springs, CO
June 7 - 11, 2010

Thanks to all who participated. The handouts from the various sessions are available from the links below. PDF designates the Adobe version and PPT designates Power Point version.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more about PDF, and for a link to the free Acrobat Reader.

Session Handouts

Days Session Presenter/Trainer
Mon-Tue, Jun 7 - 8 Training Days
AQS Introductory Course for New Users - Retrievals:
Reports Overview PDF PPT
Angie Shatas
Robert Coats
Tom Lewis
AQS Introductory Course for New Users - Load:
Load Overview PDF PPT
AQS Quick Reference Guide PDF
AQS Swim Lane Loading PDF
Angie Shatas
Robert Coats
Tom Lewis
Using Web Discoverer with AQS for New Users:
Discoverer Training PDF
Nick Mangus
Way Poteat
Jon Miller
AQS Precision and Accuracy Data
AQSPA User Guide PDF
Bill Frietsche
Jon Miller
Using Web Discoverer with AQS - Advanced:
Discoverer Training PDF PPT
Jon Miller
Nick Mangus
Way Poteat
Wed, Jun 9 Conference Sessions
Impacts of Environmental Exposures on Lung Function, Structure and Disease Dr. James D. Crapo
National Jewish Health Hospital
AQS Development and Enhancements Plans PDF PPT Jake Summers
NAAQS Design Values & New AQS Design Values Reports PDF PPT Robert Coats

Ambient Monitoring and Analysis Topics

Data Certification and Site/Monitor Metadata

    1. Site meta data - what's good, what needs attention
    2. Transition to the May 1 data certification date – lessons learned
    3. Key reminders about important AQS reporting and metadata issues for criteria pollutants and air toxics PDF PPT

David Lutz

Ambient Monitoring and Analysis Topics (continued) PDF PPT

*Recent NAAQS revisions and ambient monitoring implications

    1. New 1-hour NO2 NAAQS
    2. Proposed 1-hour SO2 NAAQS
    3. Proposed Ozone NAAQS including W126
    4. Potential changes to PM standards including urban visibility
    5. Lead monitoring reconsideration
    6. NCore multi-pollutant program - implementation progress and AQS issues
Lewis Weinstock

Ambient Monitoring and Analysis Topics (continued) PDF PPT

* Recent changes to data handling and NAAQS interpretation regulations PDF PPT

Rhonda Thompson

David Mintz

Thu, Jun 10 Conference Sessions
Tools to access data in AQS and the AQS data mart PDF PPT David Mintz
Monitoring specific AQS Reporting issues PDF PPT Lewis Weinstock
Monitoring Topics - discussion, question and answer session Lewis Weinstock

Rhonda Thompson

David Mintz

David Lutz

AQS Team

Caucus Sessions: EPA Regional Contacts meet State, Local, and Tribal Representatatives

Discuss topics of your interest

  Exceptional Events: Policy, Demonstration Tools and AQS Capabilities PDF PPT

Richard Peyton

Robert Coats

  AQS data mart PDF Nick Mangus
  AIRNow's new AQCSV file formats PDF PPT Scott Jackson
  AQS Operational Topics, including Help and User Support, User Registration PDF PPT

Angie Shatas

Way Poeat

  Ask the AQS Team PDF PPT AQS Team
Fri, Jun 11 Conference Sessions
School Air Toxics Network PDF PPT
Jonathan Miller

Exchange Network presentation - EPA Regional and S/L/T Agency experiences PDF , PDF PPT, PDF PPT, PDF PPT

Identify Potential AQS Enhancements All

AQS Frequent Questions | Technology Transfer Network | Air & Radiation

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