The Borders window allows you to place borders around different objects in the plot. There are four areas that can have different borders; the plot, the figure, the inner margin and the outer margin. These interact closely with the Margin Size options.

Outline Window


There are four areas that around which borders can be placed.  The Plot itself can have a border.  This border runs only around the plot where the axes area. The Figure border lies around the plot and the Legend.  The inner border is just inside of the edge of the page and the outer border is at the very edge of the page.


If you wish to draw any of the borders, check the draw check box next to the item.

Line Style

This is the style of line to use for this border. There are seven different styles to choose from, including a blank line.


This is the color of the border.

Line Width

This is the width to use for the border line in pixels.