Category Axis 

A Category Axis has a series of categories on the axis.  These might be animals in a study, types of industries, emission categories, or age groups.

Category Axis Window


Draw Axis?

To draw the axis and any associated grid and tick marks, check this box.  To disable all axis features for this axis, uncheck this box.


This sets the color of the axis and tick marks.

Minimum and Maximum

Enter values here to specify the axis minimum and maximum range. These values are in the units of the data on the axis.


This is the label that describes the axis. It will normally appear below or next to the axis.  You may enter text and allow the Analysis Engine to format it by typing in the text box.  Press the Edit button to edit font and positioning features of the axis text.

Positioning Algorithm

This specifies the method that the Analysis Engine will use to position the axis. The default behavior is to place the X axis at the bottom of the plot and the Y axis on the left side of the plot.  Other positioning methods are:

Tick Marks

Tick Marks are the small ticks that are placed along the axis to indicate where values lie.

Draw Tick Marks?

Check this box to draw tick marks. Uncheck it to turn of tick mark drawing.

Draw Tick Mark Labels?

Check this box to draw the tick mark labels.  Uncheck this to disable all tick mark label features.

Label Color

This sets the tick mark label color.

Font Style

This sets the font style for the tick mark labels (plain, bold, italic or bold/italic).

Draw Tick Marks Perpendicular to Axis?

Check this box if you would like the tick marks to appear perpendicular to the axis. This is used on the X axis when you have long tick mark labels or on the Y axis to set the tick mark labels horizontal.


This is the size of the tick marks in pixels.