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STORET/WQX: WQX Resources and Downloads

WQX Resources and Downloads

A variety of resources are available to assist data partners with using WQX. The core implementation resources are available on the Exchange Network website. Downloadable files that give addtional information about WQX are also available below.

For information on initial steps that must be taken to submit data through WQX, please refer to the Submitting Data to EPA Using WQX page.

Resouces Available on the Exchange Network WQX site Exit EPA Disclaimer

  • WQX Schema (v1.0 and v2.0) - The formal definition of the structure and format of data being exchanged through WQX.

  • WQX Flow Configuration Document (v1.0 and v2.0) - The principle document which captures the detailed data exchange processing rules governing WQX using narrative text, diagrams and examples. **Please note: The FCD has been updated for WQX v2.0, and includes information about submitting both v1.0 and v2.0 files. Users are advised to use the updated FCD, though the previous version is available for reference.

  • WQX Data Exchange Template (Data Dictionary v1.0 and 2.0) - The template outlining each data element within the WQX schema along with definitions, validation rules, and example content. This is a more human-readable version of the WQX schema.

  • Example XML Instance Files (v1.0 and v2.0) - Example submission WQX file and example return XML from WQX web services.

  • WQX Node Endpoints (v1.0 and v2.1) - The version 2.1 endpoints are for use by Nodes or Node Clients that have been upgraded to comply with Node Specification v2.1. Click here.

Download the WQX ActivityTypeCode Submission Requirements spreadsheet

WQX ActivityTypeCode Submission Requirements 2013 spreadsheet
** Added January 23, 2013 **

A spreadsheet Excel (xls) detailing requirements on water quality data submission to WQX for each ActivityTypeCode.

44.5 KB
Download the WQX NODE Client Tutorial

WQX Data Submital Instructions
** Added May 11, 2011 **

A pdf detailing instructions on water quality data submission to WQX, including a tutorial on using a Node Client.

974 KB
Download the Activity Type Domain Value List

Activity Type Definitions
** Added February 24, 2009 **

A zip file containing the WQX domain value list for Activity Type. The definitions for the different Activity Types have been added, and we are requesting feedback regarding their accuracy.

6 KB
Download the WQX Domain Values

WQX Domain Values
** Updated Daily **

A zip file containing the WQX domain values / List as zipped XML documents. This output of the WQX domain values is realtime accessing the WQX Operational Database System. Please refer to the WQX Flow Configuration Document (FCD v2.0, pages 21-22) for additional methods to attain the list of domain values using Exchangenetwork Services, including time stamped values for last changed date. WQX Web can also be utilized to access the most current WQX domain values in TEXT format.

***Recent changes have been made to a subset of characteristic names in the Characteristic domain value list. The domain values include the new changed Characteristic domain value list. For a crosswalk of the changes, please see this Characteristic Roadmap (Excel file, 21 KB).

Download the WQX Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

WQX Database Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)
** Added August 4, 2008 **

A pdf file showing the Entity Relationship Diagram of the WQX database, v2.0. This diagram represents all data tables, domain value list tables, and transactional tables as well as their relationships for the WQX backend database. This ERD matches the final WQX v2.0 schema.

56 KB
Download the WQX v2.0 Example XML Files

WQX v2.0 Example XML Files
** Added August 14, 2008 **

A zip file containing 2 example XML files that are WQX v2.0 compatible. One example (FreqClass_PopCensus.xml) shows data for the biological intents of Frequency Class and Population Census. The other example (Indiv_GroupSumm.xml) shows data for the biological intents of Individual and Group Summary.

5 KB
Download WQX XML Training Manual

WQX v1.0 XML Training Manual
** Added February 23, 2007 **

This downloadable zip file contains a training manual and example WQX XML file will help you understand the content and structure of an XML file that is based on the WQX v1.0 schema. The example XML file demonstrates how DEMOTEST data looks in the format of the WQX v1.0 schema.

440 KB
Download SRS Names Spreadsheet

SRS Names for Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorous Characteristics
** Added October 23, 2006 **

A spreadsheet containing the standardized names for various Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorous substances, as determined by the Substance Registry System (SRS). Please note that there are 4 worksheets: Metadata (containing column names and meanings), Carbon, Ammonia Nitrogen, and Phosphorus Phosphate.

34 KB
Download the Activity Group Examples

Activity Group Examples
** Added September 27, 2006 **

An Adobe Acrobat PDF file showing examples of how to submit Activity Group data through WQX. The Activity Group section of the WQX schema allows users to group together different monitoring activities for reasons such as QC events, grouping results data from the lab with field measurements using Field Sets, grouping samples as Replicates, or grouping parent samples with subsamples. This PDF file walks through each example, showing what an XML submission would look like for each type of grouping.

21 KB

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Adobe PDF files on this page. See EPA's PDF page for more information about getting and using the free Acrobat Reader.

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