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STORET/WQX: Getting started with WQX

Submitting Data to EPA Using WQX

Here are the initial steps an organization needs to take in order to begin submitting data through WQX:

Schema mapping and node / node client set-up

  1. Ensure that you are able to generate an XML file from your local water quality data management system that maps to the WQX schema and WQX domain value lists. For assistance with this, please refer to the WQX Implementation Resources and Downloads page.

  2. Determine whether your organization will use a fully operational Exchange Network node or a node-client for submitting WQX data. For information about developing nodes, or downloading an example node-client, please refer to the Exchange Network website. Exit EPA Disclaimer

  3. Refer to the WQX Flow Configuration Document (available on the Exchange Network WQX site Exit EPA Disclaimer) for details about the processes and rules that your node or node-client will need to follow in order to submit data through WQX.

Test your data

  1. CDX requires that anyone submitting data over the Exchange Network must first do so in a test environment to ensure proper configuration and functionality. For WQX, we recommend that users send a small file (for example, just your monitoring activities) to the test environment. Data submitted to the test environment is not migrated into production, so you will need to resend any data submitted under test to production. A test NAAS Account as well as WQX ORG ID are required to send a test submission.

  2. Once test data is successfully submitted, please notify the STORET Team, so that we can set up your WQX ORG ID within the production environment. Unless otherwise desired by an organization, WQX ORG IDs remain the same for both test and production.

Node Client set-up

  1. Here are the instructions for setting up the Node Client Lite 2 for WQX:

          1. Make sure the NodeClientLite2 is closed
          2. Find the directory on your machine where the program is installed
             (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Windsor\NodeClientLite2 on Windows Vista or Windows 7).
          3. Find any files that end with "data.xml" and rename them to the same name but with a ".old" on the end
             (e.g. master-data.xml.old)
          4. Copy the file master-data.xml to the directory in step 2.
          5. Open NodeClientLite2

    You should have two node end points that you can connect to (one for the CDX Test Environment and one for the Production Environment).
    Under "Get Data" you should have a WQX Flow with a bunch of query services that you can call.
    Under "Upload Documents" you should have a WQX Flow where you can submit your data.

    If this is working, you can delete the files named ".old" in step 3.

  2. Once test data is successfully submitted, please notify the STORET Team, so that we can set up your WQX ORG ID within the production environment. Unless otherwise desired by an organization, WQX ORG IDs remain the same for both test and production.

The new NGN endpoints are the following:

Production Node:
Node 1.1 - https://cdxnodengn.epa.gov/cdx-enws10/services/NetworkNodePortType_V10
Node 2.0 - https://cdxnodengn.epa.gov/ngn-enws20/services/NetworkNode2Service
Node 2.1 - https://cdxnodengn.epa.gov/ngn-enws20/services/NetworkNode2ServiceConditionalMTOM

Test Node:
Node 1.1 Test - https://testngn.epacdxnode.net/cdx-enws10/services/NetworkNodePortType_V10
Node 2.0 Test - https://testngn.epacdxnode.net/ngn-enws20/services/NetworkNode2Service
Node 2.1 Test -

CDX NAAS Account and WQX Organization ID

A CDX Network Authentication Authorization Service or "NAAS" Account as well as a WQX Organization ID are required for submitting data through WQX. NAAS Accounts must be set up for both test and production environments.

  1. Individual users wishing to obtain a CDX NAAS Account for test and production will need to request this account through his or her Node Administrator. Node Administrator contact information can be found on the Exchange Network Contacts Exit EPA Disclaimer website.

  2. Once a NAAS Account has been set up for the test and/or production environment, please contact the STORET Team.

  3. The STORET Team will set up a WQX ORG ID that associates with either a test or production NAAS Account, making the system ready to be accessed.


All Organizations submitting data through WQX will require a new WQX Organization ID that is unique from any previous STORET Org IDs. This ensures that users do not duplicate data already within an Organization in the STORET Warehouse when submitting data through WQX. EPA will work with users to assign new Org IDs. Options for new WQX Org ID's include:

  • Same Org ID as what is in STORET (if applicable) with "_WQX" at the end

  • Completely new WQX Org ID (If your organization has never had a STORET Org ID, then you will just create a new WQX Org ID)

In order to set up a WQX Org ID, please contact the STORET help desk either by email (storet@epa.gov) or by phone (1-800-424-9067). You will choose a WQX Org ID, and we will ask that you provide us with the following information in order to set up the Org ID:

  • Org ID: (can be up to 30 characters long)
  • Organization Name:
  • Contact Name:
  • Contact Email:
  • Address:
  • Phone:
  • Date Needed:


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