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Note: This information is provided for reference purposes only. Although the information provided here was accurate and current when first created, it is now outdated.


This web site provides query access to over 200 million monitoring records originally reported to EPA via the Legacy STORET System.


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Select a Table to Download

The following reference tables used in the database are available for downloading. Note that some tables appear on both menus. Zip files must be extracted to be viewed. For definitions of each term used visit the Glossary.
Aquifer[115 KB .zip file] [after extracted - 418 KB .txt file] Organizations [24 KB .zip] [after extracted - 217 KB .txt file]
Characteristics[146 KB .zip file] [after extracted - 535 KB .txt file] Parameter [323 KB .zip file] [after extracted - 1,404 KB .txt file]
Contacts[18 KB .zip file] [after extracted - 65 KB .txt file] State and County [33 KB .zip file] [after extracted - 101 KB .txt file]
FIPS Hydrologic Unit [25 KB .zip] [after extracted - 85 KB .txt file] STORET Result Remark [3 KB .csv file]
New STORET Station Type [2 KB .csv file]  

Select a Table to View

The following reference tables used in the database are available for viewing online.
Composite Method Legacy STORET Level 1 Legacy STORET Level 5 Reporting Units
Composite Statistic Legacy STORET Level 2a New STORET Station Type Sample Media Analysis Type
Contacts Legacy STORET Level 2b Organizations Secondary Activity Category
Effluent Monitoring Intent Legacy STORET Level 3 Parameter Group STORET Result Remark
Effluent Statistic Legacy STORET Level 4 Primary Activity Category  

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