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This web site provides query access to over 200 million monitoring records originally reported to EPA via the Legacy STORET System.


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Legacy STORET Level 5
Name Description
SPRAY Site where water has been sprayed on the surface of the land for purposes of irrigation
SBSOIL Subsoil - a drain title system or other points just below the surface of the land
HRZTL Horizontal well
TUNNEL Tunnel - an underground corridor
GALERY Gallery - an artificial, underground structure implanted to collect groundwater
PRECIP Wet atmospheric deposition (precipitation) due to the condensation of water vapor. Include mist, rain, sleet, snow, and hail
NRSHRE Near shore -less than 3 kilometers (approximately 1.9 miles) from a major shore
OFSHRE Off shore -from 3 to 8 kilometers (approximately 1.9 to 5 miles) from a major shore
OPENLK Open water - greater than 8 kilometers (approximately 5 miles) from a major shore
RUNOFF Stormwater runoff
STMSWR Stormwater sewer
SANSWR Sanitary sewer
SUPPLY Water supply storage or treatment facility
NET Fixed site network station
MONITR Source monitoring site, which monitors a known problem or to detect a specific problem
HAZARD Site of hazardous or toxic wastes or substances
BACK Monitoring for background (baseline) water quality. Opposite of "DOWN"
DOWN Down (i.e., within a potentially polluted area) from a facility which has a potential to pollute. See also "DOWNGR" and "UPGR"
MET Site where sampling is performed to describe scientific phenomena related to meteorological conditions, such as temperature, solar radiation, winds, and the quantity and quality of atmospheric deposition
LNDRTR Land treatment area
UPGR Upgradient of a well or spring. Only valid for use with "WELL" or "SPRING" (groundwater sites)
DOWNGR Downgradient of a well or spring. Only valid for use with "WELL" or "SPRING" (groundwater sites)
RCRA RCRA monitoring site
CERCLA CERCLA ("Superfund") monitoring site
BASSAY Bioassay site
IMPDMT Impoundment. Includes waste pits, treatment lagoons and settling and evaporation ponds
LNDFL Landfill
INJECT Site where liquid waste has been injected underground as a means of disposal
NONPNT Nonpoint source pollution. Includes eutrophication, acidification, thermal change, organic nutrients, sedimentation, and hydromodificaion
DEVLMT Development site. Includes construction
MINE Mine or site of mining activities. Includes reclaimed land areas and coal mining
DISTR Water supply distribution system
BIO Biological monitoring site (for BIOS Field Survey System)
FISH Plant or animal matter sampling site
TISSUE Sludge or sediment sampling site
SOLIDS Sludge or sediment sampling site
SLUDGE Sludge spreading site
POLLUT Site of pollution incident
RANNEY Ranney collector (usually associated with level 1 code "WELL")
ONLOT On-lot septic system
ECOREG Reference station where sampling is performed to characterize water quality at nonimpacted or least impacted sites in an ecoregion
PLAYA Shallow, small, ephemeral to permanent closed basin lake typically found in the high plains and deserts
FLOOD Water impacted by major flooding condition
EMBAY Land confined and physically protected marine waters with restricted openings to open coastal waters
OPNSCT Open maring waters bounded by 600 foot depth contour and shoreline
ANPOOL Anhialine pool, underground pools with subsurface connections to watertable and ocean
SHRLN Shoreline, samples collected at the edge of a waterbody
VOLUN Station contains data collected as part of volunteer monitoring efforts
HOURLY Station contains data collected hourly
BEACH Station located at the interface of the water and the beach
BRIDGE Station located on a bridge
PIER Station located on a pier