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STORET/WQX: Helpdesk

STORET/ WQX Helpdesk

To access the helpdesk, contact us at STORET@epa.gov or call at 1-800-424-9067
Data submittal to the WQX/STORET warehouse is a multistep process. This is an informational page detailing who to contact for support regarding issues with the WQX/STORET data flow.

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Organizations, tribes and government entities have a variety of options available to them in submitting and accessing chemical, physical, biological, habitat data, and their associated metadata.

  1. WQX Node/ Node Client Data Submitter - Submitting data through a Node or Node Client is more suited for larger flow volumes (i.e. states). For more information on submitting data through a Node or Node Client to WQX, Click Here.

    Where to Direct General Node /Node Client Questions

    • I received the error message "Unauthorized Access. User "node@dep.state.franklin.us" has not been granted access to the "Franklin_WQX" organization. Please Contact STORET/WQX Support for assistance." Please contact the STORET helpdesk at STORET@epa.gov and provide a description of the issue.

    • I received the error message "Invalid NAAS User ID "Guillen@Franklin.gov". If you believe this should be valid, contact STORET/WQX Support to confirm that your User ID has been set up in the WQX System. Additionally, your Organization may need to be set up." Please contact the STORET helpdesk at STORET@epa.gov.

    • For issues with your NAAS ID or password contact the Node helpdesk at 1-877-827-0260 or email nodehelpdesk@epacdx.net.

  2. WQX Web Tool - WQX Web converts text file submissions into XML script allowing organizations unable to generate XML script on their own to submit water quality monitoring data to the STORET warehouse. For more information on registering for WQX Web, Click Here.

    • In order to establish a WQX Web account, or for assistance with WQX Web, contact the STORET helpdesk at STORET@epa.gov and provide a description of the issue.

  3. Central Data Exchange (CDX) - Prior to import to the WQX/STORET data warehouse, data files must pass through CDX, a doorway which authorizes submissions. For more information on Central Data Exchange (CDX) and the National Environmental Information Exchange Network, Click Here.

  4. WQX Database The Water Quality Exchange (WQX) is a mechanism for transferring data to and extracting data from the US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Storage and Retrieval (STORET) data warehouse. For more information on What is WQX? Click Here.

  5. National STORET Warehouse EPA's repository of biological, habitat and physical/chemical data collected by water resource management groups across the country. For more information on the STORET/WQX Data Warehouse, Click Here.

  6. Download Data, Mapping Applications, Web Services, and Tools for Data Analysis

    To download STORET data Click Here Data Download (For assistance please contact the STORET helpdesk at STORET@epa.gov).

    To access MyWATERS Mapper Click Here MyWATERS, or to access EnviroMapper for Water Click Here EnviroMapper.

    For additional resources and related information, visit the Useful Internet Links section by clicking here Useful Internet Links.

    For more information on Tools/ Web Services that other data partners or EPA have created, Click Here Tools/Web Services.

For more frequently asked questions please see the FAQ page.

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