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STORET/WQX: STORET Data Warehouses

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STORET data available on the Internet is divided into two separate databases, according to when it was originally supplied to EPA, and to which of our two STORET databases it was originally archived. We call the more current database the STORET Data Warehouse and the older of these two databases the STORET Legacy Data Center (LDC for short) .

The STORET Data Warehouse

All data supplied to EPA since January 1, 1999 have been placed in the STORET Data Warehouse. A full description of the design of this system can be examined on our introduction page.

The STORET Data Warehouse is currently receiving new data on a regular basis, including data being submitted via WQX, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Downloads performed for the same sites may differ over time as a result of the addition of new data by their owners.

Browse or Download from Modernized STORET Data Warehouse

STORET Legacy Data Center

Data supplied to EPA before 1999 were all placed in Legacy STORET. This system, designed in the 1960s, was a pioneer in the long term archival of field water monitoring results.

The Legacy Data Center contains data of undocumented quality. Further, these data are static. The Legacy Data Center does not permit updates, and data here will not change over time. All new data are being entered into Modernized STORET. Because the data do not change over time, it is never necessary to repeat a specific download.

Browse or Download from STORET Legacy Data Center

All data owned by STORET Agency "112WRD" (the United States Geological Survey) have been removed from the STORET Legacy Data Center (LDC). In the future, STORET will no longer maintain the "112WRD" USGS data on the STORET Legacy Data Center (LDC).

Water quality data owned by the USGS remains available for both browse and download from their web site. Please visit the USGS Water web site at http://water.usgs.gov/nwis Exit EPA Disclaimer for further information about data available from USGS.


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