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STORET/WQX: Support for Data Owners

Support for Data Owners

The STORET/ WQX user help desk is available for any STORET and WQX related issues or questions. To access the help desk, please contact us at: 1-800-424-9067 or STORET@epa.gov.

The STORET/ WQX Team welcomes your comments on how we can improve our products. We strive to respond to every comment with an answer or an appropriate referral as quickly as possible. Most comments will be responded to within 10 business days.

Please reference the links in the Features box on this page for additional support including:

  • Regular outreach and communication via monthly user calls - The STORET team holds monthly user calls where system announcements are made, user questions are brought up, or demonstrations of tools are conducted. User calls are usually held on the 3rd or 4th Thursday of each month, and reminders for the calls are sent via the STORET Listserv.

  • STORET/ WQX Listserv - The STORET/ WQX listserver provides a communication mechanism where users may communicate via email with everyone on the listserv. Besides the user call, the listserv is the main mechanism through which announcements are made from the STORET team. You must request access to the listserv in order to join and begin receiving messages on it.

  • EPA Regional STORET/ WQX Coordinators - Certain EPA staff in each regional office are contacts for the STORET and WQX system. If you have questions about possible training for STORET/ WQX, please contact these staff.

  • STORET FTP site for downloads - The FTP site for downloads provides access to many STORET and WQX related files.

  • STORET FTP site for uploads - The FTP upload site provides a mechanism for users to share large files with the STORET Team if needed. In the past, this site has been used to submit the distributed STORET Oracle export files to EPA, and while this is no longer supported by EPA, the site is still available if needed.

  • STORET Data Warehouse Refresh Schedule - All data submitted via WQX is refreshed to the STORET Data Warehouse on a weekly basis.

You may encounter some problems if your WWW browser does not correctly support HTML forms. If you do have problems using this form we suggest that you send us your comments by e-mail to: STORET@epa.gov

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