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STORET Warehouse Watershed Summary

The STORET Watershed Summary shows the types of data available in the STORET Warehouse for a selected watershed (such as metals, nutrients, or pesticides data), who has entered the data, the period of record for the data, and how much data are available.

The Watershed Summary shows summary data for 8 digit HUCs, or Hydrologic Unit Codes. An 8-digit HUC is a watershed at a certain scale. If you do not know the 8-digit HUC that you are looking for, or to find the HUC nearest to you, please refer to EPA's Surf your Watershed website.

NOTE: Please make sure that your browser's Pop-up Blocker is set to off in order for the Watershed Summary to function properly. To turn off the Pop-up Blocker in Internet Explorer, go to Tools in the Menu Bar. Choose "Pop-up Blocker" > "Turn Off Pop-up Blocker".

With zip code, you can start from here:

Go to Watershed Summary

Please Note: BETA Version AND DISCLAIMER

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THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS". Each beta software package is fully functional. The software accesses the production STORET Warehouse and data submissions.

STORET HELPDESK may provide you with support services related to the Software ("Support Services") in the form of email support through the list serve associated with that software. Any supplemental software code provided to you as part of the Support Services will be considered part of the Software and subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. With respect to technical information you provide to STORET HELPDESK in connection with the Support Services, STORET HELPDESK may use such information for its business purposes, including for product support and development.

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