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Compliance Incentive Program

Because of the high incidence of significant noncompliance within the sector, EPA R7 determined that a Compliance Incentive Program(CIP) should be initiated in an attempt to increase compliance with RCRA and expedite cleanup actions where applicable. EPA will assist facilities in returning to compliance through a CIP. The goal of the CIP is to help wood preserving facilities comply with Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) regulations. Under the CIP, EPA will invite wood preserving facilities to investigate and disclose violations at their facilities. Upon disclosure of any violations to EPA, EPA will offer the facilities the opportunity to enter into an Expedited Settlement Agreement. This agreement would include significantly reduced penalties (with consideration given to company's financial situation) and a schedule for complying with all applicable regulatory requirements.


This CIP is not applicable for facilities outside of the wood treatment sector. The CIP may not be applicable to all facilities within the wood treatment facility sector. The CIP may not be applicable for:

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