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Facility Siting

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Facility Siting Process Updates

December 2004 update / HTML Version

September 2003 update

June 2003 update

December 2002 update

News Releases

EPA Announces Change in Dredging Schedule for Hudson River PCBs Site

EPA Selects Final Dewatering Sites for Use in Hudson River PCBs Cleanup

In order to implement the cleanup of PCB-contaminated sediment in the Upper Hudson, EPA must locate and construct temporary facilities that will be used to transfer and remove the water from (dewater) the dredged sediment. Three main operations will occur at these facilities:

  1. transferring of dredged sediment from barges or pipelines to the facility;
  2. processing and dewatering of the sediment; and
  3. transferring the processed sediment to barge or rail for off-site disposal.


Final Facility Siting Report for the Hudson River PCBs Superfund Site (December 2004)

Summary of Public Comments and Responses to the Draft Facility Siting Report - Public Review Copy (December 2004) [PDF 230 KB, 50 pages]
This information was also used to complete the final step in the facility siting process, the identification of the Selected Sites. EPA has selected the Energy Park site in Fort Edward and the OG Real Estate site in Bethlehem as the processing/transfer sites for use in the Hudson River PCBs site cleanup.

Draft Facility Siting Report for the Hudson River PCBs Superfund Site (April 2004)
In December 2002, EPA began the facility site selection process by focusing on industrial and/or commercial properties within a half-mile of the river between the Hudson Falls Dam and the area just below the Port of Albany. Locations within this area were evaluated using three groups of criteria provided to the public in the Hudson River PCBs Site Facility Siting Concept Document. In June 2003, EPA provided a public update on the facility siting process that identified 24 preliminary candidate sites retained for site-specific investigations. This was followed by a September 2003 update that identified seven final candidate sites that would undergo a detailed evaluation.

Facility Siting Data Summary Report: Site-Specific Field Investigations of Final Candidate Sites (Data Summary Report) (April 2004)
This document summarizes the findings of the field studies of each of the seven Final Candidate Sites identified in September 2003. Field studies were conducted as a component of the facility siting process for the Hudson River PCBs Superfund site. Specifically, the field studies were conducted to:

Free PDF reader available Technical Memorandum: Identification of Preliminary Candidate Sites (June 2003)
Preliminary candidate sites are described in this document.

Free PDF reader available Hudson River PCBs Superfund Site Facility Siting Concept Document (December 2002)
The locations for the specialized facilities, which are a crucial part of the cleanup, will be selected with review by the public using criteria are described in this document.


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