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Thank you for visiting EPA's Climate Change website, which is maintained by EPA's Climate Change Division within the Office of Atmospheric Programs.

How Can I Find Answers to Questions I Have About Climate Change?

  1. Use the following links to find answers to the most common questions on science, greenhouse gas emissions, and effects of climate change.
  2. Go to the Frequent Questions Database for a broad range of questions on climate change and global warming.
  3. Review one of the major sections of the site:
  4. If you have been given a homework assignment to answer basic questions on climate change, please note that EPA staff cannot directly answer your homework questions for you. However, you should be able to find the information you need on the EPA Climate Change site, especially in the Basic Information, Science, and What You Can Do Sections.
  5. If you still do not find the answer to a particular question on our site, use the "Ask a Question" tab of the Frequent Questions Database. We will respond with an answer or appropriate referral as quickly as possible.

What Questions Does EPA Not Answer?

We don’t edit comments to remove objectionable content, so please ensure that your comment contains none of the above.
The mention of any technology supplier, product, or process mentioned on the Climate Change website neither constitutes nor implies endorsement by the Environmental Protection Agency.

You may contact the Climate Change Division at (202) 343-9990.

For media or press inquiries, please visit EPA's Media Contacts site for more information.

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