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Modeling Subsurface Petroleum Hydrocarbon Transport

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Contaminant Transport

The contaminant transport portion of the Internet Modeling Course consists of modules which

  • introduce concepts of contaminant transport,
  • show how these concepts are put in modeling framework, and
  • give advanced/optional information on certain phenomena.

Contaminant Transport Concepts

A number of physical, chemical, and biological processes affect contaminant transport. These processes are introduced from a conceptual point of view. Illustrations of some processes are provided by animations.
Animated graphic illustrating movement of contaminant molecules.
Pore-scale dispersion (click on image to see animation)

Physical Model Experiments
Physical model experiments are used to illustrate NAPL distributions for a variety of situations.
Copyright 1988 CRC Press
Water (blue) and NAPL (red) in a glass bead pack
Used by permission from F. Schwille, Dense Chlorinated Solvents, Copyright 1988 CRC Press

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