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Area Designations for the 2012 Annual Fine Particle (PM2.5) Standard

Tribal Recommendations and EPA Responses for Area Designations

2012 Annual PM2.5 Standards – Tribal Recommendations and EPA Responses

On August 19, 2014, the EPA sent letters to state and tribal representatives informing them of the EPA’s intended designations, including area boundaries, for the 2012 annual PM2.5 standard. This action takes the next step to implement the standard by responding to initial recommendations made by the states and some tribes to the EPA in December 2013.   These intended decisions are based on air quality monitoring data, recommendations submitted by the states and tribes, and other technical information. The EPA intends to finalize these designations in December 2014.

Tribal recommendations and EPA response letters are presented below.

State recommendations and EPA response letters are available on the State Recommendations page.

These responses are provided here in PDF format for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and do not represent EPA's views on the appropriateness or adequacy of a tribes’ recommendations.

EPA Intended Designations (Not Final)

Tribe Tribal Recommendation EPA Response Tribal Remarks on EPA Response
Big Sandy Rancheria   Letter (PDF) (2pp, 598k)  
Cahuilla Band of Indians   Letter (PDF) (2pp, 603k)  
Catawba   Letter (PDF) (3pp, 923k)  
Cherokee   Letter (PDF) (3pp, 931k)  
Choctaw   Letter (PDF) (3pp, 938k)  
Coeur d'Alene   Letter (PDF) (3pp, 1.5 MB)  
Cold Springs Rancheria   Letter (PDF) (2pp, 598k)  
Eastern Shoshone Tribe   Letter (PDF) (3pp, 55k)  
Fond du Lac Reservation Letter (PDF) (2pp, 105k) Letter (PDF) (3pp, 550k)  
Forest County Potawatomi Community Letter (PDF) (8pp, 3.0 MB) Letter (PDF) (3pp, 569k)  
Gila River Indian Community Letter (PDF) (2pp, 973k) Letter (PDF) (2pp, 608k)  
Greenville Rancheria   Letter (PDF) (2pp, 699k)  
Miccosukee   Letter (PDF) (3pp, 939k)  
Morongo Band of Mission Indians   Letter (PDF) (2pp, 604k)  
North Fork Rancheria   Letter (PDF) (2pp, 602k)  
Northern Arapaho Tribe   Letter (PDF) (3pp, 53k)  
Pala Band of Mission Indians Letter (PDF) (3pp, 192k) Letter (PDF) (2pp, 617k)  
Pechanga Band of Luiseno Mission Indians Letter (PDF) (2pp, 1.2 MB) Letter (PDF) (2pp, 597k)
CA TSD (PDF) (181pp, 9.2 MB)
Letter (PDF) (1pp, 496k)
Picayune Rancheria   Letter (PDF) (2pp, 604k)  
Poarch   Letter (PDF) (3pp, 941k)  
Quechan Indian Tribe   Letter (PDF) (2pp, 616k)  
Ramona Band of Cahuilla Indians   Letter (PDF) (2pp, 604k)  
Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community Letter (PDF) (7pp, 678k) Letter (PDF) (2pp, 615k)  
San Manuel Band of Serrano Mission Indians   Letter (PDF) (2pp, 603k)  
Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla Indians   Letter (PDF) (2pp, 608k)  
Santa Rosa Rancheria Tachi Yokut Tribe   Letter (PDF) (2pp, 609k)  
Seminole   Letter (PDF) (3pp, 943k)  
Shoshone-Bannock   Letter (PDF) (3pp, 1.5 MB)  
Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians   Letter (PDF) (2pp, 609k)
Letter (PDF) (2pp, 1.0 MB)
Letter (PDF) (1pg, 363k)
Table Mountain Rancheria   Letter (PDF) (2pp, 604k)  
Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians   Letter (PDF) (2pp, 712k)  
Tule River Indian Tribe   Letter (PDF) (2pp, 617k)  



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