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Sulfur Dioxide (1971) Designated Areas by State/County/Area

Data is current as of April 30, 2024

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ALABAMA Colbert County Colbert County (part); TVA Colbert Plant, AL Maintenance Part 54,429 01/033
ALABAMA Lauderdale County Lauderdale County (part); TVA Colbert Plant, AL Maintenance Part 92,707 01/077
ARIZONA Cochise County Douglas (Cochise County), AZ Maintenance Part 17,495 04/003
ARIZONA Gila County Miami (Gila County), AZ Maintenance Part 1,514 04/007
ARIZONA Greenlee County Morenci (Greenlee County), AZ Maintenance Part 8,437 04/011
ARIZONA Pima County Ajo (Pima County), AZ Maintenance Part 8,823 04/019
ARIZONA Pinal County Hayden (Pinal County), AZ Nonattainment Part 4,844 04/021
ARIZONA Pinal County San Manual (Pinal County), AZ Maintenance Part 16,158 04/021
GUAM Guam Piti, GU Nonattainment Part 1,000 66/010
GUAM Guam Tanguisson, GU Nonattainment Part 1,000 66/010
ILLINOIS Peoria County Peoria County: Hollis twp, IL Maintenance Part 2,032 17/143
ILLINOIS Peoria County Peoria, IL Maintenance Part 127,507 17/143
ILLINOIS Tazewell County Tazewell County: Groveland twp, IL Maintenance Part 22,991 17/179
INDIANA LaPorte County La Porte County, IN Maintenance Part 111,471 18/091
INDIANA Lake County Lake County, IN Maintenance Part 496,000 18/089
INDIANA Marion County Marion County: Lawrence, Washington, and Warrant Townships, IN Maintenance Part 349,929 18/097
INDIANA Vigo County Vigo County, IN Maintenance Whole 107,848 18/167
INDIANA Wayne County Wayne County: Boston, Center, Franklin, Wayne & Webster Townships, IN Maintenance Part 52,325 18/177
IOWA Muscatine County Muscatine County, IA Maintenance Part 24,633 19/139
KENTUCKY Boyd County Boyd County (part), KY Maintenance Part 49,543 21/019
KENTUCKY Muhlenberg County Muhlenberg County, KY Maintenance Whole 31,499 21/177
MAINE Penobscot County Millinocket AQCR 109, ME Maintenance Part 5,526 23/019
MINNESOTA Anoka County Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN Maintenance Whole 330,844 27/003
MINNESOTA Carver County Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN Maintenance Whole 91,042 27/019
MINNESOTA Dakota County Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN Maintenance Whole 398,552 27/037
MINNESOTA Hennepin County Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN Maintenance Whole 1,152,425 27/053
MINNESOTA Olmsted County Olmsted County; City of Rochester, MN Maintenance Part 106,769 27/109
MINNESOTA Ramsey County Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN Maintenance Whole 508,640 27/123
MINNESOTA Scott County Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN Maintenance Whole 129,928 27/139
MINNESOTA Washington County Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN Maintenance Whole 238,136 27/163
MONTANA Lewis and Clark County East Helena Area, MT Maintenance Part 2,669 30/049
MONTANA Yellowstone County Laurel Area (Yellowstone County), MT Nonattainment Part 6,525 30/111
NEVADA White Pine County Central Steptoe Valley, NV Maintenance Part 2,165 32/033
NEW JERSEY Warren County Warren County, NJ Maintenance Part 108,696 34/041
NEW MEXICO Grant County Grant County, NM Maintenance Part 29,514 35/017
OHIO Coshocton County Coshocton County; Franklin Township, OH Maintenance Part 1,229 39/031
OHIO Cuyahoga County Cuyahoga County, OH Maintenance Part 996,159 39/035
OHIO Gallia County Gallia County; Addison Township, OH Maintenance Part 2,197 39/053
OHIO Jefferson County Jefferson County; (part) Steubenville & Mingo Junction, OH Maintenance Part 69,712 39/081
OHIO Lake County Lake County; (part) Eastlake, Timberlake, Lakeline, Willoughby, Mentor, OH Maintenance Part 229,760 39/085
OHIO Lorain County Lorain County, OH Maintenance Part 301,074 39/093
OHIO Lucas County Lucas County, OH Maintenance Part 441,812 39/095
OHIO Morgan County Morgan County: Center Township, OH Maintenance Part 15,053 39/115
OHIO Washington County Washington County: Waterford Township, OH Maintenance Part 61,777 39/167
PENNSYLVANIA Allegheny County Allegheny County Air Basin: Hazelwood monitor, PA Maintenance Part 387,190 42/003
PENNSYLVANIA Armstrong County Armstrong County: Madison, Mahoning, Boggs, Washington, Pine, PA Nonattainment Part 4,516 42/005
PENNSYLVANIA Warren County Warren County: Conewago Twp, PA Maintenance Part 3,594 42/123
PENNSYLVANIA Warren County Warren County: Warren Boro, Pleasant Twp, Glade Twp, PA Maintenance Part 15,781 42/123
TENNESSEE Benton County Benton County; (part) TVA Johnsonville, TN Maintenance Part 16,489 47/005
TENNESSEE Humphreys County Humphreys County; (part) TVA Johnsonville, TN Maintenance Part 18,539 47/085
TENNESSEE Polk County Polk County, TN Maintenance Whole 16,825 47/139
UTAH Salt Lake County Salt Lake County, UT Nonattainment Whole 1,029,655 49/035
UTAH Tooele County Tooele County, UT Nonattainment Part 58,218 49/045
WEST VIRGINIA Hancock County Hancock County (part): Weirton, WV Maintenance Part 15,801 54/029
WEST VIRGINIA Hancock County New Manchester-Grant magisterial district in Hancock County, WV Maintenance Part 8,706 54/029
WISCONSIN Brown County Brown County: Green Bay, WI Maintenance Part 248,004 55/009
WISCONSIN Dane County Dane County: Madison sub-city area, WI Maintenance Part 488,074 55/025
WISCONSIN Marathon County Marathon County: Rothschild Sub-city area, Rib Mountain, Weston, WI Maintenance Part 134,064 55/073
WISCONSIN Milwaukee County Milwaukee, WI Maintenance Part 947,779 55/079
WISCONSIN Oneida County Oneida County: Rhinelander Sub-city area, WI Maintenance Part 35,996 55/085

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