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The Tale of Lucy Lake

Making a Difference

The first step that you can take to help reduce acid rain is to understand the problem. After reading this story, you now know:

  • What acid rain is.
  • What causes acid rain.
  • How acid rain affects plants and animals.

It is also important to understand that acid rain is due to the combination of ALL of our actions. So, if each one of us makes an effort to change our daily habits, we will begin to notice positive changes in our environment and our health. Here is a list of things that YOU can do to help reduce acid rain:

  • Turn off all lights and electric appliances, such as the television, air-conditioner, or computer, when you are not using them.
  • Ask your parents to purchase appliances, such as computers and refrigerators, that do not use a lot of electricity.
  • Whenever possible, choose to walk, bike, or take the bus or train instead of drive.
  • Encourage your parents to carpool or use public transportation when biking or walking is not possible.
  • Ask your parents to buy cars that use less gasoline.

What other things could you do to save energy?

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