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The Tale of Lucy Lake

What Causes Acid Rain?

Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are made from plants and animals that were buried in the ground hundreds of millions of years ago. People use three types of fossil fuels to make electricity: coal, oil, and natural gas. Electricity is made when these fossil fuels are burned.

Power Plants

Fossil fuels are burned at a place called a "power plant" to make electricity. When these fuels are burned, smoke goes into the air through a smokestack at the power plant. This smoke can create acid rain and make the air that we breathe dirty.

Cars and Trucks

Cars and trucks need gas to make them run. When people drive cars and trucks, gas is burned to make them move. When the gas burns, it creates "exhaust" that comes out of the car or truck's tailpipe. This exhaust can create acid rain and make the air we breathe dirty.

Fossil Fuels

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