High in the mountains, deep in the forest, lives Lucy Lake. Lucy is a large, cold lake with many different plants and animals living in and around her.

Frannie Frog lives in and around Lucy Lake. She eats mayflies and other insects. What she loves most about living at Lucy Lake are the crisp, clean water and making friends with all the other frogs.

Tommy Trout lives in Lucy Lake. He eats mosquito eggs, dragonflies, snails, and some plants. What he loves most is the wide variety of insect food he has to eat.

Sammy Spruce lives on Lucy Lake's shore. He is a big, strong tree that can withstand fierce winds. What he loves most are the clear air, clean rain, and rich soil that he depends on for food.

Wendy Wind is a frequent visitor to Lucy Lake. She blows from the west to the east, always bringing something in the air with her. She loves to bring clean, fresh air to Lucy Lake. Sometimes she brings Raphael Rain along with her.

Raphael Rain sometimes visits the lake as rain. When it's cold, he visits the lake as snow or sleet. Sometimes in the mornings, he visits the lake as fog. What he loves most is giving his clean water to all the plants and animals in the forest that need it to live.

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  The Tale of Lucy Lake


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Lucy Lake

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