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Basic Information

Web-ICE estimates acute toxicity (LC50/LD50) of a chemical to a species, genus, or family from the known toxicity of the chemical to a surrogate species. Web-ICE has modules to predict acute toxicity to aquatic (fish and invertebrates) and wildlife (birds and mammals) taxa for use in ecological risk assessments, and also contains modules that generate Species Sensitivity Distributions (SSDs) from Web-ICE generated data. Detailed information on model data, development, validation, and application can be found in the User Manual. Reference Web-ICE as:

Raimondo, S., D.N. Vivian, and M.G. Barron. 2007. Web-based Interspecies Correlation Estimation (Web-ICE) for Acute Toxicity: User Manual. Version 1.1. EPA/600/R-07/071. Gulf Breeze, FL.

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