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WaterSense: Meets EPA Critera WaterSense Seal An EPA Partnership Program

Dos and Don'ts of Using the WaterSense Label

The WaterSense label is a certification mark identifying a water-efficient product or program that meets EPA criteria for water efficiency and performance. It is being registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Any organization that wishes to use the WaterSense label must be a program partner in good standing that abides by the following prerequisites.

How do we use the WaterSense label?

DO use the label for product on product packaging, labels, or, at the manufacturer's discretion, directly imprinted on or adhered to the product, as long as the product continues to meet the WaterSense certification criteria for efficiency and performance.

DO use the label on manufacturer, distributor, or retailer brochures, advertisements, trade show displays, or point-of-purchase materials, where clearly associated with a specific qualified product or service to indicate that the product or service meets the WaterSense criteria for efficiency and performance.

DO use the label for professional certification programs in program materials, brochures, or Web sites promoting certification program(s) that meet EPA's WaterSense criteria, in direct association with the relevant program(s).

DO use the label for manufacturer, distributor, or retailer Web sites, to clearly distinguish products that meet WaterSense criteria for efficiency and performance, but only in direct association with those products.

DO be sure that the name of the certifying body as text appears under the label with the words “Certified by” when EPA specifications require third party certification for a product to earn the label, exactly as it is provided by the certifying body.

DO label all relevant components, in the event that separately packaged and sold components make up the WaterSense labeled product. Manufacturers must clearly indicate on the packaging, user manual, and specification sheets which products combine to achieve the label.

DO note which components combine to make a WaterSense labeled product by using language such as “When combined with [name or model #].” In the case of toilets, for example, tanks should include the words “When used in combination with [bowl model number/name]” in close proximity to the label, and vice versa with bowl labeling.

DO include the separate labeling clarifications on other promotional materials for WaterSense labeled products that are sold separately, including (but not limited to) Web site, point-of purchase materials, displays, showroom models, and advertising.

DO NOT use the label with any product or program that has been disqualified from the WaterSense program by EPA. If the label is withdrawn for any reason, you must immediately cease to use the label with that product, and the label must be eliminated from product packaging/promotional materials within six months.

DO NOT use the label in any way to imply that other products produced by the manufacturer that have not met WaterSense certification criteria are labeled.

DO NOT use the label in any way to imply that EPA endorses the labeled product(s), manufacturer, or, in the case of certification programs, the program itself or any certified professional.

DO NOT use the label in conjunction with training courses, including those that might support WaterSense labeled certification programs. The WaterSense label is only for certification programs, not training.

DO NOT use the label on promotional materials that promote water efficiency in general. The label should only be used in association with and directly adjacent to a specific WaterSense labeled product or certification program. For general water efficiency promotional materials, the WaterSense partner logo may be appropriate.

DO NOT use the label to promote WaterSense labeled products or programs in general (e.g., on a Web page that features several products or programs, not all of which are labeled). Use one of the promotional labels instead.

EPA is happy to review your prepress promotional items, draft Web sites, packaging, or other materials that use the WaterSense label. To help us maintain the integrity of the program and its identity, we also ask that you alert the Agency to any concerns you may have or possible misuse of the WaterSense label in your industry. To request prepress review or report misuse, please e-mail the WaterSense Helpline or call at 866-WTR-SENS (987-7367).

This document also available in PDF (2 pp, 43K, About PDF)

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