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WaterSense: Meets EPA Critera WaterSense Seal An EPA Partnership Program

Media Logo Use Guidelines

Using the WaterSense Program Logo

In June 2006, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced WaterSense, a new partnership program designed to enhance the market for water-efficient products and services by making it easier for consumers and others to find products that use less water. As part of that announcement, EPA unveiled a logo for the program, which can be replicated in media documents, broadcasts, and websites describing the program launch.

What Is the WaterSense Program Logo?

The WaterSense program logo will be used as a brand identifier for the program by EPA and its promotional partners. Logo use is restricted to EPA partners and any media outlets publishing articles or Web pieces specifically about the program. The WaterSense program logo should only be used on informational materials and should not be disseminated to other entities for their promotional purposes.

What Should the WaterSense Program Logo Look Like?

The program logo consists of the WaterSense image and text in Rotis Semi Serif—65 Bold font oriented horizontally. Blue and green were chosen for the program logo, representing water and the environment. Black or reversed white versions of the logo are also allowed for use. The logo should be reproduced large enough for "EPA" to be legible.

Use only the original art files as provided by EPA. The WaterSense program logo may not be altered, cut, separated, or otherwise distorted in perspective or appearance. This includes stretching the logo, changing the logo colors, or inserting text into the logo.

Where to Use the WaterSense Program Logo

EPA and the media may use the WaterSense program logo on informational materials focusing on water efficiency and describing the WaterSense program, only in the following ways:

  • In articles about the WaterSense program.
  • On websites that discuss water efficiency and describe the WaterSense program. However, they may not be used to indicate that the website’s sponsor is a WaterSense partner or that any products found on the site are labeled by WaterSense.
  • With press materials that announce or promote the WaterSense program and specific water efficiency campaigns.

Reminder: The WaterSense program logo may not be distributed or used to imply EPA endorsement of a company, organization, product, or service, and may never be associated with products or services that do not meet the criteria of the WaterSense program.

Downloading the WaterSense Program Logo

There are two different WaterSense program logos—one with the program URL and one without. To receive an electronic copy of the logo, please contact WaterSense. The logo is available in three different file types—GIF, JPG, and EPS. Each type is best used with a different medium:

  • GIF—for use on Web pages
  • JPG—for use in PowerPoint presentations
  • EPS—for use in printing or incorporating into Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkExpress, etc.

When possible, the full color WaterSense program logo should be used, large enough to be clear and legible.

This document also available in PDF (2 pg, 81K, About PDF).

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