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WaterSense: Meets EPA Critera WaterSense Seal An EPA Partnership Program

Landscape Irrigation Sprinklers

Outdoor water use accounts for about 30 percent of average household water use nationwide. Current estimates are that residential outdoor water use accounts for nearly 9 billion gallons of water each day, mainly for landscape irrigation. This number rises dramatically in hotter and drier parts of the country.

To help increase outdoor water efficiency, EPA issued a Notice of Intent (NOI) (11 pg, 321K, About PDF) to develop a specification for landscape irrigation sprinklers in July 2014. Water-efficient irrigation sprinklers deliver water more evenly to the landscape than traditional sprinklers and also regulate pressure to help ensure a constant flow rate. Developing a specification that allows sprinklers to earn the WaterSense label will help provide consumers and irrigation professionals with additional water-efficient irrigation equipment options. The NOI outlined the performance criteria WaterSense proposed for both high-efficency nozzles and pressure-regulating sprinkler bodies, and identified issues that still need to be resolved.

Between July and September 2014, WaterSense solicited public comment on the NOI and specification development:

WaterSense analyzed the public comments, conducted additional research, and determined a path forward for this product category. To brief stakeholders on these developments, WaterSense is issuing Landscape Irrigation Sprinklers: WaterSense Specification Update (9 pg, 0.5MB, About PDF).

As of November 2015, WaterSense is moving forward with developing a specification for pressure-regulating bodies but has put developing a specification for high-efficiency nozzles on hold. If you have questions on these decisions or on information included in the Landscape Irrigation Sprinklers: WaterSense Specification Update, please contact us at watersense-products@erg.com.

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Technical Information

Are you a manufacturer or retailer or distributor interested in partnering with WaterSense or finding out more about the development of water-efficient landscape irrigation sprinklers? Please review the landscape irrigation sprinklers NOI (11 pg, 321K, About PDF) for more information, or email us with questions or comments.

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