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WaterSense: Meets EPA Critera WaterSense Seal An EPA Partnership Program

WaterSense Partnership Agreement

The definitions below pertain to the contact type field on the WaterSense Partnership Agreement.

  • Primary Contact: Receives all WaterSense program information; main program contact.
  • Technical: Responsible for specific information on product certification processes, product specifications, and/or product design.
  • Communications/Public Affairs: Responsible for general WaterSense/water efficiency promotion.
  • Marketing/Sales: Responsible for packaging, selling, and marketing WaterSense labeled products.
  • Reporting: Responsible for providing WaterSense with annual reporting/shipment data.
  • Building Design/Management: Responsible for building WaterSense labeled new homes and/or building facilities to other environmental standards (e.g. ENERGY STAR, Green Seal, etc.).
  • Media: Contact who works for media outlet or trade press.
  • Product Notification: Responsible for WaterSense product notification processes.
  • Quality Assurance: Contact who attended required WaterSense training for certification providers.
  • Government Affairs: Responsible for government relations on local, state, or national level.