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WaterSense: Meets EPA Critera WaterSense Seal An EPA Partnership Program

Product Certification & Labeling

All WaterSense labeled products must be independently certified for conformance to WaterSense product specifications.  WaterSense has developed the following guidelines to help make the certification process for products a little easier.

STEP 1. Review the WaterSense Product Certification System Version 2.1.

STEP 2. Become a WaterSense Manufacturer Partner.

STEP 3. Contact a Licensed Certifying Body to test and certify your products.

STEP 4. Follow these special procedures if you private label products.

STEP 5. Provide product information to the Licensed Certifying Body. The Licensed Certifying Body will report relevant information to WaterSense for inclusion on the Product Search Tool.

STEP 6. Market and sell WaterSense labeled products. The licensed certifying body will provide manufacturers of certified products with the graphic artwork of the WaterSense label. You must include the WaterSense label on product packaging for all products certified to meet a WaterSense specification, unless the packaging is too small, and should display the WaterSense label in association with any labeled product listed on the organization's website. Please read the WaterSense Program Mark Guidelines (PDF) (9 pg, 147K, About PDF) for details on proper use of WaterSense logos and labels.

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