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October 2012
Tank-Type Toilets
In general, avoid retrofitting existing tank-type toilets with displacement dams or
bags, early-closing toilet flappers, or valves with different flush volumes, as these
devices could impede overall performance and require increased operation and
maintenance. In addition, the use of these devices and other retrofit products could
void manufacturer warranties.
Flushometer-Valve Toilets
In general, it is best to avoid retrofit options, such as
valve inserts, that reduce the flush volume of flushom-
eter-valve toilets. These products might not provide
the expected performance if the original bowl is not
designed to handle a reduced flush volume. In addi-
tion, the use of these devices could void manufacturer
Dual-flush conversion devices are available for flush-
ometer-valve toilets. These devices usually replace the
existing flush valve handle with a handle that provides a reduced flush volume for
liquids and a standard flush for solids. When considering this type of retrofit, verify
that the product has been certified to either American Society of Mechanical Engi-
neers (ASME) A112.19.10,
Dual-Flush Devices for Water Closets
or International Asso-
ciation of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) PS 50-2008,
Flush Valves With
Dual-Flush Device for Water Closets or Water Closet Tanks with Integral Flush Valves with a
Dual-Flush Device
In addition, before initiating a full-scale retrofit, test the product on
a select number of toilets to verify it achieves and maintains the desired performance.
Replacement Options
If installing a new toilet or replacing an older, inefficient toilet, consider the following
replacement options.
Tank-Type Toilets
When installing new tank-type toilets or replacing older, inefficient tank-type toilets,
choose WaterSense labeled models.
WaterSense labeled tank-type toilets are inde-
pendently certified to have an effective flush volume of 1.28 gpf or less and pass a
performance test to remove at least 350 grams or more of solid waste per flush.
Flushometer-Valve Toilets
When installing new or replacing older, inefficient flushometer-valve toilets, choose
models that are designed to use 1.6 gpf or less. If considering 1.28 gpf or less
flushometer-valve toilets, including dual-flush models, carefully evaluate the physi-
cal conditions of existing drainlines and the availability of supplemental water flow
EPA’s WaterSense program,
op. cit.
Dual-flush toilet handle