Page 48 - WaterSense at Work

October 2012
User Education and Facility Outreach
MakingWater Efficiency Fun
Following are some creative ways to get employees involved in recognizing the im-
portance of water efficiency at work:
Consider creating a “Green Team” responsible for environmental issues in and
around the facility.
Hold events related to water efficiency within the facility periodically through-
out the year to educate building occupants and celebrate successes. Earth Day
and Fix a Leak Week, which is sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency’s (EPA’s) WaterSense® program, are good opportunities to bring attention
to water efficiency.
Consider holding a contest to encourage water use reductions among building
occupants. Acknowledge those who identify successful projects or provide group
awards for major successes.
Start a suggestion and incentive system to recognize and encourage water sav-
ings in the facility. For best results, include a mechanism to acknowledge submis-
sions and provide information on how they were addressed.
Provide incentives to building occupants to promote water-saving success.
Consider rewarding guests for participating in towel and linen reuse programs at
hotels or employees for meeting challenges to reduce building water use.
ProvidingWater-Efficiency Tips
Periodically remind building occupants and employees of common tips they can fol-
low to help reduce water use, including some of the following, where relevant:
Fill the sink and turn off the tap when washing dishes in community kitchen
When using the dishwasher, wash only full loads.
Look for and report leaky bathroom and kitchen fixtures, or any other leaks, to
the appropriate personnel.
Sweep instead of rinsing off sidewalks, kitchen floors, or other areas.
Report irrigation occurrences during less efficient times, including during the
middle of the day or when it is raining.
Report broken or improperly positioned irrigation sprinkler heads that spray
water on sidewalks or pavement.
To help building occupants learn more about how they can be water-efficient
at work or at home, direct them to the EPA’s WaterSense website
for more
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) WaterSense program. Fix a Leak Week.
EPA’s WaterSense program.