Page 45 - WaterSense at Work

October 2012
Leak Detection and Repair
Perform daily tours of the building, including mechanical spaces. Pay close atten-
tion to all water-using equipment indoors and outdoors by listening and looking
for unexpected water use, such as:
Sanitary fixtures continuously flushing, leaking, or left running.
Unanticipated discharge to floor drains in mechanical spaces.
Wet spots in parking lots and grassy areas surrounding the facility. If soggy
ground is unexpected, contact the water utility to determine if there is a leak
in the distribution line.
Train building occupants, employees, and visitors to report to facility mainte-
nance staff any leaks that they detect in restrooms, kitchen areas, or any part
of the facility. Building maintenance staff could complete these repairs without
much extra effort. Immediate leak detection is vital to avoid water and monetary
losses from unnecessary water waste. To encourage this feedback and build a cul-
ture of reporting leaks, be sure to repair leaks in a timely manner.
Leak Repair
If a plumbing fixture or other piece of wa-
ter-using equipment is leaking, repair it
according to manufacturer specifications.
If necessary, replace it with new, properly
functioning equipment; look for Water-
Sense labeled models where available.
For specific information on operation and
maintenance, retrofit options, or replace-
ment options, see the relevant sections
for specific technologies within this
Additional Resources
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers.
Standard for the Design of High-Performance, Green Buildings Except Low-Rise
Residential Buildings
American Water Works Association. Water Loss Control Basics.
DOE, Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, Federal Energy Management Program.
January 2009.
Distribution System Audits, Leak Detection, and Repair: Kirkland Air Force
Base—Leak Detection and Repair Program
Southern Nevada Water Authority. How to Find a Leak.
Finding and Fixing Leaks
EPA’s WaterSense program sponsors Fix a Leak Week
annually in March to remind Americans to find and
fix household leaks. This week is the perfect time to
educate employees about finding and fixing leaks at
home, as well as at the facility.
The Southern Nevada Water Authority has several
leak detection and repair videos
available on its
website. Consider using these videos to further edu-
cate facility staff about identifying leaks.